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Patrol Boat Systems Program Office

date. 2007 - 2015; 2023 - ongoing

Engineering, Consulting, Program/Project Management, ILS

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Seaforce continue to provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) analysis, advice and support to the Patrol Boat Systems Program Office (PBSPO).

Seaforce personnel provided specialist services in engineering, maintenance management and logistics support to the Armidale Class Patrol Boats (ACPB) in Darwin, including Director, Chief Engineer and a 'stem-to-stern' safety inspection of every ship.

Prior to SPO changeover from DMS to THALES as the ACPB ISS Contractor, Seaforce assisted the Commonwealth to ensure the planning, directing, controlling, coordinating and monitoring of ILS elements and activities were completed to provide through-life support for the ACPB.

Seaforce now provide Rolling Hull - Electrical Audit services to PBSPO on all of the Patrol Boat fleet, ACPBs, Cape Class Patrol Boats and Evolved Cape Class Patrol Boats. This Rolling Hull program allows Seaforce marine engineering SMEs to provides guidance to the SPO to implement continual improvements to the Patrol Boat fleet's safety standards.

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