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Ocean Protector

date. 2010 - 2014

Owner/Operator, Ship Management

OP iceberg 052.jpg

From 2010 to 2014, Seaforce owned and operated Ocean Protector as part of a contract with Australian Customs (now ABF) to provide an extended maritime patrol capability. Ocean Protector is a modern 106 metre, 6,000 tonne ice-rated vessel built in Norway.

Seaforce modified the vessel to meet the operational needs of ABF, including additional tenders, communications suite, accommodation and other mission support facilities.

Seaforce managed all aspects of the ship’s basic operations, including providing the vessel master and operating crew, and delivering operational logistics such as fuel, food and spare parts. In addition, Seaforce manage the maintenance, repair, modification and class certification of the vessel

Ocean Protector successfully operated in support of a wide range of Custom’s activities in all parts of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone from the Southern Ocean to the tropics.

Seaforce and Ocean Protector never failed to support mission success.

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