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Engineering Officer training for Marine Engineering Officers and Weapons Electrical Engineers

date. 2005 - 2007

Consulting, Training, Education

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Seaforce staff were engaged by the Department of Defence to provide educational support services to deliver the academic component of the RAN Marine & Weapon Engineering Application Courses (MEAC/WEAC).

This project originated by Navy’s desire to reinvigorate its MEAC and WEAC delivery, taught at the post-graduate level. The Application Courses were undertaken by Junior Engineer Officers upon completion of their Degree or Advanced Diploma studies. The subjects were aimed to providing a link between their academic study and its practical application in the naval environment.

In this project Seaforce were engaged to design, develop and deliver four Masters subjects – two separate courses for each of the MEAC & WEAC streams. These were delivered at HMAS Cerberus, and UNSW ADFA.

Seaforce then attended the successful Officers at HMAS Cerberus’ Graduation Ceremony and presentation.

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