A team of experienced, practical engineers, technicians and project managers are the core of Seaforce’s capability.

​Our fields of expertise include platform & combat systems engineering, vessel in-service support, marine logistics, project planning , control and contract negotiation & management, technical investigations & integrity audits, risk assessments and crew training.

As vessel owners Seaforce owned and operated ACV Ocean Protector and provided extended border protection capability for the Australian Government.



The people at Seaforce have spent most of their careers working in the Defence, ABF and commercial marine industries operating, maintaining and repairing ships.

Seaforce has provided Chief Engineers, Programme Directors, project managers and project teams for Defence SPOs and other Commonwealth agencies. Seaforce have developed maintenance and upgrade programs for countless classes of vessels and continue to do so for both Navy and ABF.

We can pull together a wide range of experts and manufacturers to integrate and deliver complex solutions for Defence and commercial vessel owners alike.

Bungy at Switchboard
Bryan and Tristan PCA
Tiger on Bridge ENGO Console



Director and Chairman

BE(Mech), MBT, CPEng, CEng(UK)

David Miers is the Chairmain and co-founder of the dmaa Group. David spent 29 years in the Navy as a marine engineer, serving in steam, diesel and gas turbine powered vessels before leaving the navy in 1996 following his stint as Director of Naval Engineering Policy. Following this David was engaged for three years as Director of Engineering and Maritime at Hayman Island Resort before establishing DMAA Pty Limited in 1999. David developed DMAA into an effective and well regarded defence engineering consulting business with over 25 consultants, before growing the business into Seaforce in 2008 with Bryan Stapley.

With David as Managing Director, and then Chairman, Seaforce established itself as a respected operator within Australia’s maritime industry. Under David’s guidance the company continues to grow and to develop skills and relationships in many different maritime spheres. David continues to provide oversight to the company, while at the same time developing new opportunities for Seaforce in areas as diverse as importing, exporting, and property development.


Bernie Bransgrove

General Manager

In Service Support

Bernie leads Seaforce's In Service Support contracts and is an experienced and highly capable marine and mechanical engineer, ISS manager & vessel superintendent.

Gail Holland

Chief Financial Officer

Gail is responsible for ensuring that the dmaa Group has the financial resources to execute and delivers it's strategic priorities. Gail oversees dmaa Group's finance and payroll processes, regulatory compliance and financial reporting.

Aaron Young

General Manager

Aaron is Seaforce's senior naval architect and General Manager.  He is a chartered professional engineer and member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects.